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Driving Lessons in Cyprus

Learning to drive can be a daunting yet rewarding experience. We are here to help new drivers become confident and be safe behind the wheel. We offer a wide variety of courses for everyone. Whether you are a beginner or know how to drive and want to brush off your skills, we are here for you. Here you can find a few tips for learning how to drive in Cyprus. Read our available blogs and start your driving lessons confidently.

Test Your Knowledge of Traffic Signs

If you want to test your knowledge and see if you are ready for your provisional driver’s license, then this is the QUIZ for you.

traffic signs

Driving License Through-out Cyprus

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Driving School Cyprus

We are here to give you all the necessary information you need to drive safely and efficiently. At Driving School Cyprus we aim to increase awareness and we ensure you that traffic safety is our top priority.

We give the same emphasis on each student and cater our lessons to their individual needs. We prepare you for all parts of your driving test in Cyprus and provide tailored instructions to meet your demands. Prior to your driving test, our experienced instructors will make sure to evaluate your skills and knowledge and we will create a customized plan.

Our goal is to create confident and responsible drivers.

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why its never too late to learn to drive
It is Never Too Late to Learn How to Drive

Learning how to drive is not an easy task for everyone. Many people miss learning how to drive at an early age and that makes more intimidating the idea of learning at an older age in life. Driving is not a skill that should be learned in youth, instead, people should be encouraged to learn how to drive at any age. There are so many benefits attached to a driving licence and people should be able to learn to drive safely and with confidence no matter their age. Here you can learn why it’s never too late to learn how to drive.

the importance of proper driver education
The Importance of Proper Driver Education

Driving is a huge responsibility, and it is essential to keep the roads safe and with reliable drivers that take driving seriously. Having the proper driving education ensures that the learner is getting the correct knowledge and are building their driving skills on approved and correct methods of driving. In this article, you can learn about the importance of proper driver education.

distractions to avoid while driving and how to stay focus
The Top Distractions to Avoid While Driving and How to Stay Focused

Driving can be very enjoyable for many people but at the same time it is a very big responsibility for the driver and it always demands your full attention. Distractions during driving are extremely dangerous and can lead to accidents and they should be avoided. So here you can learn about the top distractions to avoid while driving and how to stay focused.

You can book your driving test only when you have a valid provisional driver’s license.

Driving School Cyprus is by your side along the way. We prepare you, book your driving test and prepare all the required paperwork.

You can obtain an official driving license for a car, motorcycle, bus and/or truck.

My Driving Test in Cyprus

A driving test in Cyprus usually lasts 30-45 minutes.

Duration of the Driving Test in Cyprus

After the successful completion of your test, you will receive a certificate and then you will be able to obtain your driving license in Cyprus.

Obtaining Your Driving License in Cyprus

Congratulations!! Now hit the road with safety and responsibility.