Common Mistakes Drivers Make

common mistakes drivers make

Being on the road can sometimes be challenging or even dangerous. This is because no matter how careful you are as a driver you can never know when an inattentive driver will cause danger around you. These are some common mistakes drivers make.

Following too closely

Some drivers drive too close to the car in front of them and this can be dangerous and cause accidents. When you drive at a very small distance from the car in front of you, it is not possible to see the road ahead and be ready for any obstacles. Thus, when the car that is in front of you suddenly stops for any reason, you will not be able to brake on time. This can be very dangerous for both cars and any cars or pedestrians around.

Not following the speed limits

Every road has a speed limit for a reason. Drivers tend to ignore speed limits and just drive recklessly around not thinking about what damage they can cause. The speed limits are not just for going too fast. Going slower than the minimum speed limit is also a violation as this can also cause serious accidents. For example, in Cyprus, the lowest you can go on the highway is 65 km/h and going less than this can be dangerous for other drivers and you.

Not using indicators

Turn indicators or blinkers are what help drivers communicate between themselves. Not using indicators when turning or changing lanes can be dangerous and annoying for everyone. You should always use your turn indicators to let other drivers know that you are about to stop to turn, change lanes etc.

Not checking blind spots

Blind spots can be very tricky while driving. Not being able to see a car or a motorcycle that is right next to you can, unfortunately, be the reason for serious accidents. You should always check your blind spots and especially when you change lanes.

Not checking mirrors regularly

Checking the car’s mirrors should be a driving habit for all drivers. It is very important to check your mirrors regularly to be aware of everything happening behind and beside you at all times.

These are some of the most common mistakes that drivers do unintentionally and sometimes intentionally. As these mistakes can be dangerous and can cause serious accidents, all drivers should make sure not to make them and keep in mind the driving safety rules they learn during their driving lessons every time they are on the road.