Professional Driving License
in Cyprus

At Driving School Cyprus we help you get a professional driver’s license and learn how to drive buses and trucks. Our experienced instructors are here to prepare you for all parts of the driving exam and provide you with all the necessary knowledge you may need.

professional driving license in cyprus

Bus And Truck Driving License in Cyprus

Bus Driving License Categories

Category D1

For vehicles that have 8-16 seats & the driver’s seat.

Minimum Age: 21 years old

Category D

For vehicles that have more than 8 seats & the driver’s seat.

Minimum Age: 24 years old

bus professional driving license

Truck Driving License Categories

Category C1

For vehicles that weigh between 3500-7500 kg

Minimum Age: 18 years old

Category C

For vehicles that weigh more than 3500 kg

Minimum Age: 21 years old

truck professional driving license
What is the minimum age requirement to apply for a professional driving license in Cyprus?

The minimum age requirement to apply for a professional driving license in Cyprus varies depending on the category. For driving trucks and vehicles weighing between 3500 and 7500 kg the minimum age is 18, while for driving buses the minimum age is 21 given that the bus does not have more than 16 seats.

Are there periodic assessments or renewals for the truck driving license?

Yes, a truck driving license needs to be renewed periodically. The renewal process typically involves medical examinations and additional seminar training to ensure drivers remain updated and capable of safe driving practices.

Is there a maximum age restriction for a truck driving license in Cyprus?

Yes, there is an upper age limit for professional truck drivers. The maximum age is 69 years old, with a relevant medical certificate.