Safe Driving Tips for Teens

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Unfortunately, car accidents with teen drivers occur frequently with a lot of them ending in disaster. Many teens lack the appropriate experience to know the dangers on the road and many times their excitement and impulsiveness lead to speeding and dangerous driving. Driving School Cyprus prepares teens for what they can face on the street and offers lessons that aim at road safety for everyone. Here you can find a list of safe driving tips for teens.


Speeding can be the cause of a lot of accidents. When speeding, the driver has less control of their vehicle and does not always have the chance to avoid a bad situation. Moreover, a driver’s reflexes are not the same when speeding. There is no time to turn, stop or prevent something bad from happening if you are speeding. Driving at the speed limit can help drivers observe the road and be more alert for possible dangers. Teens should realise the danger that comes hand in hand with speeding and realise that safety is more important than showing off.

Safety belt use

Even though the importance of wearing a safety belt is taught to schools and driving schools for years, some young drivers insist on not using it. Unfortunately, there are many deadly car accidents every year that involve teens in the passenger or back seats that do not wear their seat belts. Teen drivers must always remind and insist on their friends wearing their safety belts as passengers.

No drinking and driving

Teens should be constantly reminded that driving while drunk or under the influence of other substances can cause serious accidents. Even if someone feels fine and thinks they can drive, they shouldn’t. Parents and driving instructors should really insist on this.


Young drivers have more distractions while driving. Whether this is a text message, a phone call, a selfie or other passengers, teens should know how to ignore all distractions and be focused on the road.

These are just a few tips to help your teen driver stay safe on the road. Make sure to remind to the teen drivers you know and if you are a teen driver yourself, remember that road safety is important for everyone including drivers, passengers and pedestrians.